The beauty and impact of creative concepts are hidden in the details that give power to tell the story.

Cosimo Frezzolini is a set designer and artist, based in Milan and Florence.

He works across Italy on projects ranging from art installations and spatial design for theatre, events, and large scale productions, both cinema and fashion.

Cosimo comes from a generation of Florentine artists; this tradition inspires his creative expression.

Observing the nature around him, he finds frames in the surprising details, slowing them down, and giving them new importance.

With almost 20 years experience in fine arts, his creative output combines light, colour, texture and language.

He brings the accuracy of matching colours for the specific needs of the venue, proportioning figures and lines to the architecture, enhancing the dialogue between the existing space and his pictorial intervention.

In his work you find not only shapes and figures, but always new and unexpected stories, hidden creatures to create contemporary mythology. More than explicit artworks, he leaves paths open to interpretations, giving space for the observer’s imagination.

Via del Gelsomino 3, Firenze

+39 373 879 8709